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eCom and eNetAuthor Highlights from Learning Technologies 2018

Learning Technologies, Europe's leading learning and technology event, is a highlight of our year at eCom so we wanted to share some of our team’s reflections and key takeaways from the 2018 show. We're staring off with some thoughts from our Design Team. You can also read highlights from our Learning Solutions Team and Marketing Team below.

Thoughts from our Design Team

Doug Brown, Senior Graphic Designer

From attending Learning Tech this year I learned that 3 am early mornings don’t really suit me and that coffee could be the secret to eternal life. I used my phone to put together this short video showing our journey to LT18 – seeing the sunrise from the plane was a personal favourite.

Perhaps the one important thing that stood out to me, which was different from last year, was there seemed to be more of an emphasis on the “why” rather than the “how”. There appeared to be a lot of companies explaining their process; be it their ID process or indeed their focus on the learner’s journey after course completion. Whilst there were still a lot of demonstrations of tools (and marketing to go with it) I felt like the focus had changed to be more on the learner.

It was a good day and those that stopped by our stand had some great questions.

Ross Murray, Senior Graphic Designer

As a designer, I find Learning Technologies to be an eye opening look at where the eLearning industry is heading over the next year. I find the buzz of the event refreshing, with people from all areas of the industry attending. Checking out the stands on the show floor is inspiring and it’s a great chance to explore the different approaches to eLearning design.

Thoughts from our Learning Solutions Team

Shona Smart, Learning Technologies Consultant

My highlight was the opportunity to have lots of great conversations with subject experts (rather than L&D professionals searching for a supplier) on how they want to use a mobile, workforce-friendly blend of bespoke learning activities and interactions, for a range of technical and engineering topics.

Across the conversations, the subject experts had experience of working with L&D to transform highly technical content and make it suitable for a range of internal audiences. Some of the reasons they wanted to develop their use of learning technologies included:

  • Induction and on boarding new hires in a production environment
  • Supporting pre-sales and field sales teams with product and market expertise
  • Field engineers who need to develop their skills
  • Production teams who need to understand the technical products and processes

I’m looking forward to continuing the great conversations that started at Learning Technologies this year.

Emma Dickson, SaaS Account Manager

For me, it was encouraging to see some conversations about Digital Badging creeping into the seminars, including a talk that explored how digital badging can add value to an organisations learning culture. With many still unsure of the benefits, it was nice to talk to visitors about how organisations have already implemented badging. And for those who are still planning to implement badging, it was good to hear their reasons for doing so which included replacing certification, permits to work as well as encouraging personal development in the workplace.

xAPI was another topic of conversation and again, it was good to have some free seminars broaching a subject that many people are unsure about. For me it was nice to see examples of ways xAPI can be applied to gain unique insight into measuring learning impact. It helped reinforce the message we have been sharing with clients on how XPI can enhance reporting capabilities – our driving reason for building xAPI into our cloud-based authoring tool eNetAuthor.

I was fortunate enough to co-present “Keep Calm and Count to Ten” with my colleague Shona to a full theatre audience. We spoke to many people who found the talk informative and interesting as well as those who claimed that, whilst they learned nothing new, it was comforting to know they were already on the right tracks.

Thoughts from the Marketing Team

Allan Maclean, Marketing Executive

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Learning Technologies this year and for me it was a great opportunity to get out of the office and chat to people on all aspects of learning, to understand their particular challenges and see how we can help.

My personal highlight of Learning Technologies, was seeing first-hand just how much passion there is for learning. From the visitors to the show, to those on the stands and the speakers at the presentations, the energy and enthusiasm for learning was inspiring. I also witnessed some very slick presentations in the theatres around the exhibition hall. One in particular on the use of video in learning caught my eye. Because of my marketing background, I am a strong believer in using video content, which works well for our bespoke eLearning and it was good to see that there is strong demand within the learning environment.

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