Learning Technologies: The Backbone of Recovery

The key to ensuring your organisation not only survives the pandemic but also thrives is to create a more agile workforce, better able to adapt to the changing workplace. This will help you pivot quickly in response to evolving customer needs and business models.




 The changing skills landscape

There is greater reliance on digital skills now, much more so than was the case before the COVID-19 pandemic began. There’s also a focus on meta (soft) skills, with HR News indicating the most needed soft skills training across the UK workforce includes problem-solving and critical thinking.

The role of learning technologies

Learning technologies are an enabler, giving your team the platform to develop the skills they need to remain productive, effective and feel fulfilled in their role. You can develop the talent you already have in your organisation, close any skills gaps, as well as provide retraining opportunities for those whose roles have become redundant.

We recognise the skills your people have, their knowledge and the way they work will drive your success and help you develop a capable workforce to accomplish your goals. We’ve helped many organisations deliver training and assessment, including digital accreditation in any location, at any time. This has helped them put the skills and knowledge they’ve gained to good use immediately, driving productivity, supporting long-term growth.

The Digital Development Loan

If your organisation is thinking about adopting learning technologies, you may be able to access the Digital Development Loan, created by the Scottish Government, to improve digital capabilities, processes and capacity to boost productivity. This is part of the Scottish Government’s drive to help Scottish business to be competitive which ultimately helps the entire Scottish economy grow.

Find out more about the Digital Development Loan.

How eCom can help

If you would like help with your digital learning journey, we can introduce you to clients who are already using our learning technologies, so you can see first-hand how you could benefit too.

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