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Aroma Academy

Using bespoke eLearning to develop practical skills

This bespoke eLearning course has made it possible to carry out training of a practical skill in a cost effective way, for a global audience.


Aroma Academy provide sensory skills training for both professionals and enthusiasts with a particular focus on aroma recognition skills. A key market for the business is the drinks industry and current customers already include some of the leading drinks companies.

Aroma Academy are passionate about the science behind aroma recognition but want to ensure that, during their training, science does not get in the way of an enjoyable learning experience


Aroma Academy were using classroom training to deliver their successful Foundation Sensory Programme. This programme is aimed at food and drink professionals, as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs with an interest in the subject.

Due to a global increase in demand for this training, they needed a way to deliver the course that did not require participants to attend classroom training sessions. eCom worked closely with Aroma Academy to identify their requirements and it became clear the best way to meet their objectives would be to create a bespoke eLearning course.


  • Easy access to expert knowledge helps learners develop their practical skills
  • Learning can be carried out at the best time for the learner and a suitable pace
  • Training is delivered training in a more cost effective way
  • The reach of training has been extended whist still remaining engaging
  • Course appeals to wider range of corporate clients and individuals around the world
  • Seamless integration between eCom’s LMS, eNetLearn, and Aroma Academy’s eCommerce platform
  • bespoke elearning
  • LMS
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